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The center of science technology and industrial culture research, Shenzhen South China is referred to as sticrc. Sticrc is a new scientific research platform set up by the mode of "combination of production, teaching and research" in the field of Humanities and social sciences. Based on the philosophy of science, sticrc pays attention to the application of modern technology and industrial innovation, studies and explores the changes of high-tech industrial culture in the new era, closely tracks and actively undertakes the research on major strategic and urgent needs in the development of emerging industries in countries, regions and industries. In the five directions of precision intelligent equipment technology, engineering and automation technology and logistics technology, we will carry out source technology innovation, technology platform construction and major product R & D, providing strong technical support for China's modernization.

Sticrc has 14 business departments, such as software engineering, science and technology, precision culture, intelligent control and achievement transformation, and four general laboratories of intelligent information processing, virtual reality, digital measurement and control technology and artificial intelligence. Relying on the center, it has established key open laboratory of information technology, information technology innovation center and post doctoral research station. Each year, it cooperates with universities to recruit more than 5 Master's and doctoral students.

The center has significant advantages in intelligent system, science and technology culture, and digital measurement and control technology research and application. It has successively obtained more than 10 patents, and gradually formed a series, supporting and standardized technical product system with independent property rights. More than 4 science and technology awards above provincial and ministerial level have been awarded.

The scientific and technological achievements of the center have been demonstrated and applied in 10 provinces and cities in China, and more than 10 achievements transformation bases have been established, and some scientific and technological achievements have also been extended to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

Center Director: Liu academician Center Academic Committee Director: Zhang academician Center Academic Committee Director: he director

Address: no.138-1, Jinye Avenue, Kuiyong street, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen postcode: 518000

Tel: (0755) 33163029 service email: service@sticrc.com

Office box: office@sticrc.com website: http://www.sticrc.com

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